2008MDMCLogo.jpg A Product of MDMC 2008

The Red Kangaroo

This Wikispace website was created by four teachers as part of P1110915.JPGthe Milwaukee Digital Media Conference (MDMC) held at the Milwaukee County Zoo July 28th - July 31st, 2008.

We chose to explore and present information on the Red Kangaroo species and exhibit. The Red Kangaroo exhibit is a part of the Australian animal area on the county zoo grounds -- a brief description of the zoo's Australia Building is available by clicking on the two words "Australia Building" (above) which we hyperlinked in blue (or by clicking on area #10 on the zoo's website map).

On the days when we visited the zoo's kangaroo exhibits, the kangaroos were not usually very active, due, in part, to the summer heat and humidity. Even so, one of our team members was able to catch some of their actions and activities with her digital camera, a telephoto lens and her video camera! We all worked as a team to capture photos, sounds, web links, interviews, stories and researched information to use creatively for this Wikispace. So, we've included a variety of facts and media, plus some humor, related to the Red Kangaroo.

We now invite you to sit back and have fun exploring our Wiki while learning about the largest kangaroo species.

Milwaukee Red Kangaroo Escaped!

During the process of making this Wiki, we heard several true stories about one of the Red Kangaroos that recently escaped from its enclosure at the Milwaukee County Zoo! It actually jumped over the outer fence of its enclosure and bounded off into an adjacent woods area, traveling about 100 yards, before it became disoriented and was apprehended near the railroad tracks of the Zoo Train. This story was verified by one of the zoo-keepers, Heather.
We are so proud of our teammate, Marcia, for taking such a nice close-up photo (above, left corner) of one of the Red Kangaroos currently living at the Milwaukee County Zoo, which we have used here above our list of topics. [This kangaroo's face does look a little bit extra red on its forehead, doesn't it?] Marcia also gets credit for the other close-up photo on this page, as well as all the AWESOME action videos on this web site.

In the process of creating this Wiki, each team member took on a special role or focus:
Marcia developed into our "Phantastic" Photographer and Voracious Videographer.
(In addition to her "Jumping Red Kanga" video above, don't miss her videos of a kangaroo digging in the sand and mold-a-rama!)
Bob morphed into our "Marvelous Master Map-Maker".
(See his GoogleMap with photos & facts embedded in it!)
Cheri blossomed into our Gcast Generator/Podcast Proprietess, plus "Able Alliteration Artist".
(Hear her podcasts on the Contacts and Habitat pages.)
Stephanie transformed into our "Terrific Tagger" and Top-notch Time-keeper!
(See Stephanie's tags on Predators, and a short podcast she created for the Famous Kangaroo page.)

P.S. A young kangaroo (a.k.a., a "joey") named Roger Paul was born at the zoo earlier this year, and it finally emerged from his mother's pouch in July. Since this new young kangaroo is a cousin to the Red Kangaroos, we also included some information on the Matschie's Tree Kangaroo, the other species of kangaroo in the Australian exhibit at the Milwaukee County Zoo.