The Tree Kangaroo

-- An Endangered Cousin of the Red Kangaroo

Milwaukee zoo: Tree Kangaroos
Long tail for balance

As mentioned on our home page, there is now a new "baby" kangaroo at the zoo, a Tree Kangaroo named Roger Paul, who emerged from its mother's pouch just this month: July 2008.

According to Heather, one the zoo-keepers, Rodger Paul was mostly likely born in January or February, and it was not until sometime in June that he was finally noticed in his mother's pouch by some of the zoo's staff.

The particular species of Tree Kangaroo at the Milwaukee County Zoo is the Matschie's Tree Kangaroo, which is currently housed in indoor enclosures directly behind the outdoor Red Kangaroo area.

Matschie's Tree Kangaroos ( Dendrolagas matschiei )

Different from their ground-dwelling cousins,
They have:
+ bigger & stronger forelimbs for tree climbing
+ pads on their feet for gripping trees
+ long, cylindrical tails for balancing in the trees
They live:
in the rainforests of the Huon Peninsula of northeastern New Guinea.
They are:
marsupials, like the Red Kangaroos, and have "joeys".
They eat:
leaves, fruits, flowers. (At the Milwaukee zoo, they are fed monkey chow, alphalfa flakes and more frequent offerings of fruits and vegetables, than what the Red Kangaroos are given, but not onions.)
They weigh: about 15-17 pounds.
Their life span is:
In the wild--about 8 years,
In captivity--about 14 years.
Are they endangered?
Yes, their species is not stable--instead it's on the list of endangered species.
This probably explains why the Milwaukee zoo houses both a male and a female, (the parents of Roger Paul).

Habitat of Tree Kangaroos

+ Tree kangaroos live mainly in Papua New Guinea and near by islands -- they are diminishing in Australia.
+ They live mainly in the forest regions.
+ Tropical rain forests in the mountains are the preferred habitat for tree kangaroos.
+ Check out their habitat in Papua New Guinea map. Click on the markers, "ThumbTacks" and borders to learn more.

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Photo credits:
All of the photos on this page were taken by our teammate, Marcia, in the Matschie's Tree Kangaroo exhibit at the Milwaukee County Zoo.