A dingo in the wild

The primary predators of the Red Kangaroo are the dingo and man. The Australian wild dog, the dingo, will usually hunt in groups when they go after this large prey. At one time, the Tasmanian Devil was a predator of the kangaroo. However, while not yet extinct, the Tasmanian Devil is so scarce that it is no longer a concern.

The Red Kangaroo species is comparable to the White Tailed Deer in Wisconsin in a few ways. Like the White Tailed Deer, kangaroos are also most active at dusk, dawn, and night. At those times, it is common for people to hit kangaroos on country roads. Kangaroos may sit still in the middle of the road or jump right in front of a car, much like White Tailed Deer do. That's why many Australian cars have a roo-bar at the front, mostly in the country. In much the same way that White Tail Deer are a nuisance to Wisconsin farmers, Red Kangaroos are a nuisance to Australian sheep farmers. The sheep farmers will often shoot kangaroos on sight, because the kangaroos graze on the same land their sheep do.


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