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Kangaroo Habitats

Listen to the podcast above to hear part of our interview with one of the Milwaukee Zoo-keepers, Heather. In her answer, she describes the common necessities of the zoo habitats provided for both the Red Kangaroos and the Tree Kangaroos. Later, Heather also verified and gave more details to the story about one Red Kangaroo who temporarily escaped from its enclosure in the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Looking for fresh vegetation
Red Kangaroo Habitats

+ Red kangaroos live in Australia; they are concentrated in western and central Australia.
+ They prefer areas that have low rain totals and plenty of grass, with a few trees and shrubs.
+ "Boomers" (adult males) are found in shrub land, grassland and desert areas.
+ Red kangaroos usually stay in one area, however, they may travel a hundred miles to find food.
+ Check out the Australia habitat map. Click on the border and markers to see pictures of the habitat.

Milwaukee zoo: Tree Kangaroos
Tree Kangaroo Habitats

+ Tree kangaroos live mostly in the forest regions of New Guinea.
+ Their preferred habitat is in tropical rain forests in the mountains.
+ They live mainly in Papua New Guinea, some nearby islands,
and they are diminishing in Australia.
+ Check out the habitat in Papua New Guinea map.
Click on the New Guinea border, marker and "thumb tack" symbols to learn more.

Photo credits:
Both photos were taken by our teammate, Marcia, in the Kangaroo exhibits of the Milwaukee County Zoo.