Who We Are

Our mascots
Our mascots
1) Bob, Teacher Gr. 5/6, all subjects except music
414-327-1174, rlswall@hotmail.com
2) Cheri, PK-12 Library Media Specialist,
(& licensed PK-12 Art Teacher & PK-8 Classroom Teacher)
414-405-9929 cell, 414-332-9988 home, cdamkoeh@gmail.com
3) Marcia, Assistive Technology Specialist K-12, OT
715-771-9195, marciao@newnorth.net
4) Stephanie, 6-12 Math & Computer Science Teacher
920-262-9518, smstampin@yahoo.com
[Plus, MDMC Instructor: Chad] 262-751-2757 cell, chadkafka@gmail.com]

Daily Reflection Gcasts

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Day # 1 Gcast--Monday night: Cheri recorded & published an audio podcast to the gcast.com website, but when she copy-pasted the HTML code into an audio widget, the incorrect podcast appeared: it was the intro podcast from our conference's schedule page that appeared instead! Later, Cheri completed the Gcast registration process via a Gcast email message, retried the "HTML Code copy-paste into a Widget" procedure, and this time the correct podcast appeared!
Day # 2 Gcast--Tues.@3:00pm: ... due to handing the cell phone from one member to the next, and recording this 2nd Gcast live at the zoo, it got saved to a "Gcast Playlist", instead of having it published right away. Next, in using Vista on my laptop, it seemed a bit more difficult to access the new Gcast post, than the one recorded Monday which was accessed with Windows XP on my home computer. ...As they say, "live and learn"! Later on, Cheri went back to the Gcast web site and found a link for publishing from the playlist recording!
Day # 3 & # 4 Gcasts--Both of these went well, pretty much without a hitch, since we learned from the previous 2 Gcast experiences. Glad to hear Chad enjoyed hearing all 4 of our voices recorded in the Gcasts. (On Saturday, Cheri went back to the Gcast site and discovered how to delete one post that accidently got published twice.)